Saturday, 5 November 2011

Not what I promised but

Card Organizer
To make this organizer first take a piece of white card 18cm x 29cm put this on your hougie board landscape style and score on 6cm, 11cm, 24cm
Take the white 18cm x 18cm and score on 13cm. Stick the 5cm panels over each over to form a piece of card 45cm long.
Take the 2 white 7cm x 11cm pieces and lay on your board portrait score on 1cm flip the card round and score 1cm this will create your side panels for your box. Stick these to the 13cm section leaving 1cm at the top and the bottom. Bring the other 13cm section and stick to the other side.
Stick the 16cm x 11cm hammered card to the 17cm x 12cm coloured card and stick this to the 13cm sections.
Take the 4cm x 16cm piece of hammered card and stick to the coloured card and stick this to the flap of the box.
Take the 3cm x 16cm piece of hammered card and cut 2 slits in the card 2cm from the end to put the ribbon through. Stick the ribbon to the reverse of the strip, stick this to the 4cm x 17cm piece of coloured card and stick to the top of the box.
Take a Velcro disc and stick to the flap of the box if you leave the 2 bits of Velcro stuck together and then stick to the front of the box they should line up o.k.

The cards are A6 and the box will take at least 6 stamped cards and envelopes.

The cards I made for the box are Shadow stamp.

Cut a shape out of copier paper and place over the front of your A6 card using a ink distressing tool and fluid chalk ink apply the ink to the cut out area build up the colour gradually. Remove the paper.

Using the same colour ink up a simple stamp flowers work great and stamp over the chalked area.

Stamp your sentiment in the same colour.

An alternative to the above is to stamp the image in a black ink.

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