Sunday, 4 December 2011

Instructions for book card

O.K as promised here are the instructiuons for the book card. The front cover has been destressed and small beads have been stitched on.

The book can be any size you want just make the concertina box on the right about smaller than the cover I have left an inch either side.

The front cover is made in 4 pieces 2 are cut 6"x 6.5" lay your card landscape on your hougie board and score on 5" repeat on both pieces. Over lap the small 1.5" sections and stick. This creates the spine of the book.Destress all the edges including the and down through the spine on both sides.

Cut 2 pieces of card 5.75" x 5.25" emboss these and destress stitch the beads onto the front.

Stick the ribbon to the cover and then stick the embossed panels to the front.

Cut a piece of card 5.75" x 1.25" destress and stick to the outside spin.
This is the front cover before I destressed them The one on the left I bought from Hobbycraft the one on the right is a Docraft one. The dress form is a Tim Holtz.

Cut 2 pieces of card 4" x 8" and 2 4.5" x 8" score across at 1/2" destress these and then fold. run the ink across the scored lines.

Using wet glue stick a 4" piece and a 4.5" piece at a right angle.

Fold over left then right until you get to the top then stick with wet glue. Repeat with all the sides to for you square. Whilst still wet tap into place so it's square.

Stick a picture behind the concertina and then stick onto the inside cover again use wet glue.

The left hand side was decorated with an image from the net which I destressed. The lace panel was a piece of card cut 5"x 1.5" an off cut of the net image was stuck onto the card and a piece of lace stuck onto the panel this was then stuck to the inside cover.

The corner flowers were stuck with wet glue and I made a little pin. the bow was made from seam bonding which I bought from fabric land I sprayed it with water the splodged some ink on my glass cutting mat which I sprayed again I then rolled the ribbon into the inky mess. Dry it and then stamp with a black ink and the urban stamps.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Dave for the fab photos!!

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