Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Recessed window card.

Sorry this card got a bit squashed in my bag. Doh!!


Card stock.
Image or decoupage.
Paper for the inside
Paper or card for the outside.

This card can be made any size you wish the one at the top of this post is an A4 the one at the bottom of this post is A5.
I will give the instructions for the A5 card it's quite simple to scale down.

1. Take a piece of A4 score at 14cm turn the card 180 degress and score at 14cm fold and use your bone folder to make a crisp fold.
2. Open the card and place it right side down.
3. Put your image in the desired place and draw round with a pencil.
4. Score on top of this line and then again 1cm inside the pencil line.
5. Place the ruler from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Cut along this line. and repeat on the top right to bottom left.
6. Fold the triangles out on the outer score line and back in on the inner score line.
7. Place the card onto the front of the card and hold in place. Turn the card over and draw a pencil line around the hole.
8. Cut the hole out just outside the pencil line.
9. Stick the card to the front of the card and decorate.
10. Stick your image into the window.
11. Trim the off cut of card created from the window.
12. Use the off cut to cover the back of the image.
The A6 card had a piece of paper stuck to the insde of the card and was decorated with a stamped image in the bottom right hand corner.

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  1. Hi Di,

    Great cards!
    Thanks for mentioning my blog in your post with the GORGEOUS cup!!!

    hugs, Elly


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